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Our Community

Micah 6 Community has been working alongside our neighbors in Pontiac, Michigan since 2012. We moved in with the small expectation of being able to bring a little bit of joy, hope and happiness to a neighborhood that needed better neighbors. Today, we are growing food for those in need, tutoring neighborhood children and expanding a summer camp program. We’ve been the rock-bottom relationships that many of our friends needed to escape addiction and we have created a church congregation where people from all walks in life are welcome. 









Why This Campaign?

What started as a small band of friends has grown to meet more needs, serve more families and set our sights on greater goals of helping more and more people in our community. We know we have so many people out there who support this vision and want to see us make as great an impact as possible. We felt the time was right to create an opportunity for our network to be a part of that change and assist us in continuing the transition to a stronger organization, serving as many people as we can. 

The Ask

In our 2020 campaign, we are seeking 2,000 people who are willing to each donate $20 a month toward the work that we do at Micah 6 Community. While $20 might not feel like a big ask, this campaign, if successful, will yield $480,000 to Micah 6 Community annually, which we will divide equally between our day-to-day work in our community and our work on Webster Community Center. So, while this feels like a small amount, it will be a total game-changer for Micah 6 Community and our neighborhood kids, homeless and families. 


We’re Asking You...

We want you to be a part of our work in the neighborhood. We’ve said all along the way that we wouldn’t be where we are without our generous community of donors, and now we’re asking you to be a part of that donor community. Your support is meals to families, a field trip for a child who doesn’t get any opportunities to leave our city, and a job for someone who is transportation challenged. 

We’re asking you to be part of this 2020 campaign. 

You can find more information on our website at


There, you can learn more about our work, our community and our dreams for the future and all of the ways that your $20 will make a difference for those who live in our neighborhood. 

The Results

With this additional funding that you and others would provide, we’ll be able to serve more children through tutoring, mentor programs and summer camp opportunities. We will be able to begin the process of purchasing, renovating and providing decent affordable housing to our neighbors, something that our county has dubbed a crisis. 

For our community center project, we’ll be able to hire the right team of grant writers, architects and builders to take it across the finish line. We’ll begin to do the important work of removing toxic elements such as lead and asbestos from the building. Lastly, we’ll be able to demonstrate to large funders that we have the ability to attract support on a broad grassroots level to keep the program going long after renovation is complete. 

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