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Lea and Jeff's Giving Page

Our Connection

Micah 6 is an organization whose community mission aligns with Lea & Jeff’s values very strongly. They live their value for community service and support through many programs, from food gardens, to children’s programming, healthy food access, holiday support and more.

In 2022 Jeff & Lea attended Micah 6’s annual fundraiser, Garden of Cocktails, where Jeff introduced Lea to the Micah 6 Founder and Director, Coleman Yoakum. We got to talking and in the following days took a tour of the gardens and Webster School (one of Jeff’s elementaries!). Lea was keenly interested in the structure of the organization, their vegetable gardens and how they were teaching about nutrition. She was eager to help.

Jeff and Lea are frequent donors to Micah 6 Community, and Lea has been a volunteer fundraising consultant to their leadership and board.

Please join them in supporting this worthy organization in honor of their wedding.

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