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Mark Your Calendars for Santa's Workshop 2023

December 16!

The Story

Santa's Workshop started in 2014 when we kept hearing from our neighbors about their frustrations with various Christmas programs that were available through local agencies. Many of those programs required a lot of documentation: proof of income, proof of guardianship, tax returns, birth certificates for each child you were shopping for, etc. Then, if their children were selected by a group or organization, it was embarrassing to have strangers come to your home with gifts and expect a performance of gratitude from them and the children.

The Rules for Shoppers

1) No proof of guardianship required. Just show up and tell us how many children you're shopping for. Everyone can get two gifts per child. 

2) No proof of income required. Just come. 

3) Please DO NOT bring your children. You can pick out the toys you like, we will send you away with gift wrapping and they'll never have to know it came from an organization.

How to Donate and Support

We can't do any of this without our amazing donors, supporters, collectors, volunteers and friends. Here are a few ways you can help!

1) Amazon Wishlist
We've built an Amazon w
ishlist of toys that our neighbors enjoy and you can buy from the list and have it sent straight to: 
Micah 6 Community

32 Newberry 

Pontiac, MI 48341

2) You can do your own shopping! The list of items that we look for most are on the facebook event page. Those items can then be dropped off at Micah 6 Community or at one of our many collection spots across southeast Michigan (List coming soon)

3) Volunteer! We have opportunities the week leading up to the event as well as opportunities on the day of. Stay tuned for the sign up genius for opportunities. 

For any questions, email

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